I grew up on a farm in Indiana and I currently live and work in Uganda with my husband and our little boy.  Exploring this world we live in keeps me alive and photography is one way I wonder at the world and find peace within it. Travel is always alluring, but I also see value in putting down roots, so learning to live locally and naturally helps me feel grounded. 

My blog highlights all kinds of my adventures - from my travels throughout East Africa and the world, to my adventures in my home and kitchen while I learn to use all Uganda has to offer in decor and food.  I'll also throw in some creative writing, featuring a very different kind of adventure - that which comes from within.

If you're interested in my photography or want to get together, please email me at danilynnwalker(@)  You can also have a look at my portfolio of photography assignments done for various organizations and events.

All photos on this website are copyrighted to Dani Walker Kreutter unless otherwise indicated.  It is illegal to use them without permission.