My natural beauty regimen

A couple of years ago, I began experimenting with how to replace my conventional store-bought beauty products with simple, natural, and often homemade alternatives.  Some experiments worked well from the beginning and others took several tries and several months to get right.  I'm still learning which products work well for which function, but I've figured out several natural beauty and self-care routines.

I would love to share with you my complete natural beauty regimen:

First, DIET trumps all.  Ever since the day I was asked to prom, I used a prescription benzoyl peroxide cream to deal with my acne, but several years later, I was tired of trying to find a way to get it in Uganda, so I went off the prescription and tried a plethora of other methods.  My acne was persistent.  It was cycstic and deep and embarrassing and it hurt.  I was so over it, and I lamented about it upon my first visit to a nutritionist.  She had me drastically change my diet to what we all know we would do - cut out processed grains, reduce my dairy and sugar intake, and eat more fresh fruits and veggies. My face hasn't been the same since and I often get compliments on my skin!  Of course, a healthy diet improves your life and your looks in many other ways.  Beauty truly starts from the inside.

Second, learn to love your looks. "If tomorrow, women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think how many industries would go out of business."                                               – Dr. Gail Dines

Face care: I used to wash my face twice a day and I had quite the collection of washes, creams, acne spot fighters, and the like.  But now with a much better diet, I simply wipe a cotton ball doused in witch hazel on my face as an astringent, followed up by a few drops of jojoba oil as a moisturizer.  Just last week, I was told my face had a glow!

Hair care: I've shared my low-maintenance, natural hair care routine before.  The "no poo" method of baking soda and apple cider vinegar has worked quite well for me for nearly 2 years now!

Hair styling: I have naturally wavy hair and now, instead of using mousse and gels to encourage those beach waves and discourage the frizz, I simply put a tablespoon of epsom salt into a spray bottle and spritz my hair when it's still damp.  Use scented epsom salts for a bonus.  I prefer chamomile!

Deodorant:  Along with my prescription face creams, I also went through middle school and high school with a strong prescription deodorant.  It may have saved me some embarrassment during those awkward years, but the once-weekly application burned the hell out of my armpits and probably didn't do me any favors in my long-term health.  After a failed attempt at making my own deodorant, I now just spray on some magnesium oil and it does the trick just fine!  And the absorption of extra magnesium is a bonus!

Skin care: I wash with any natural soap that suits my fancy, usually one I come across in my travels that is handmade. There are many.  I sudz up with the natural loofahs that are grown in Uganda then ditch the lotion in favor of the very beneficial pure shea butter, also grown and made in Uganda.  The natural skin care options here are lovely.

Mole removal: I've successfully used the apple cider vinegar method in removing unwanted moles, but please check with your doctor first!  You'll want to be sure there are no cancerous cells.

Bath time: I soak in a tub with epsom salts, which are known to help relieve aches and pains, as well as give some extra magnesium absorption.

Lip care:  With a few ingredients, I now make my own homemade lip balm.

Do you have any natural self-care regimens you have used successfully?