Labyrinth Park: Barcelona, Day 5

Day 5 in Barcelona: Labyrinth Park

It was our last day in Barcelona.  Mom left in the morning and we had already seen the main sites of the city, so Eric and I used our day together to visit a lesser-known park on the north side of town - Labyrinth Park.

I will say without hesitation that this is my favorite park I've ever visited.  The previous estate of the Desvalls family, it is the oldest of its kind; it was built in 1791 and is now open for the public to enjoy the stunning gardens, the old palace, and most famously, the labyrinth. It is the perfect place to escape the city and enjoy nature with its huge trees, to have a romantic date in the well-manicured, neoclassical gardens, or to take time for yourself in contemplation as you walk the labyrinth.

I considered moving to Barcelona just to live near this park and visit regularly.