Traditional Buganda site

Eric and I once took a walk around our hill and stumbled upon the entrance to a Buganda cultural site.  We didn't go in, but I vowed to come back some time and learn more.  A few months ago, I took a couple of girl friends and we made a proper visit out of it.

Traditionally, the Buganda found their spirituality in places with a significant natural landmark - a waterfall, a large rock, or, in this case, a large tree.  The huge mango tree at the top of Makindye Hill gives residence to the spirit of a woman ancestor.  Other smaller shrines have popped up around the tree, each corresponding with a different ancestor.

Those who keep the place graciously showed us around and answered our questions.  We were grateful for the invitation to learn more about the traditions of the tribe we interact with daily, but has largely moved away from this part of their heritage.

Carrizo Plain

I'm always a sucker for learning about traditional cultures and, while in California, I've wanted to learn more about the Native Americans who inhabited this land long before the Europeans set foot here; so while on our way to Bakersfield to visit my aunt and uncle for the weekend, I Googled, "Native American sites near Bakersfield," and Carrizo Plain National Monument came up as a hit, with the painted rock as the main attraction.

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