What to do with an old hen

Our hens are getting old.  They are no longer laying eggs and therefore have become freeloaders, living off our food without giving anything in return. You know what that means: time to dine.

I had never seen the process of turning a live chicken into chicken on my plate, so I asked Kagwa, our guard, to show me how it's done.  The process didn't take long - it simply included the cutting of a neck, dunking the chicken in hot water, plucking the feathers, and gutting the insides.  Sure, it's not a pretty sight, but we should all know where our food comes from and what it takes to put a meal on our table.  This is eating local at its best.  My plate included meat from a chicken I raised myself; that is, until I actually tried to eat the thing and it was too tough to chew.  Apparently, that old hen was just a little too old.