A psychic cabin

There is a psychic place I hold in my mind - a cabin where I can retreat when I need to.  It is not a physical place, at least not yet, but a mental picture I can regularly access.  The following is an excerpt from my journal about this cabin in my mind, followed by beautiful photos of cabins that help me visualize this psychic place.  All photos are from Cabin Porn, whom I highly suggest you follow on Tumblr or Instagram.

From my journal, 3 January 2016:

"A scene comes into my mind almost daily of a wooden cabin tucked away in a forest and near a stream.  For me, it symbolizes living for myself rather than striving for the world, shutting away in a place suitable for soul growth, and having a small, but deep life with a strong light shining from within.  Maybe a few can see that light, but it is not for the world."