An Easter ritual

Friday, the day of dying:
We reflected on the fears, old habits, and limiting beliefs that are affecting us, preventing us from the realization of our Selves.  What do we want to die to?  What within us must die? We wrote it down.

Saturday, the day in the tomb:
We walked into the forest, symbolizing going inward to the dark places, the tomb where transformation takes place.  While walking, we spoke of these fears, old habits, and limiting beliefs we wanted to release.  We stopped near a large tree and burned the papers inscribed with our most personal struggles.  We buried the ashes and, there, made a mandala from small items the forest offered.  This simple circle represented the cycle of life and death, the impermanence of all, including our fears, and the transformation of death to life.

Sunday, the day of new life:
We worked on our vision boards, knowing that the women we want to become might better be expressed in images than in words.  The life we want to manifest begins by envisioning it.  These images, we hope, will fill the spaces left by those things we burned and buried.  New life comes after death.