Kreitzberg family photos

When we returned to Uganda with Leo as a fresh addition to our family, we took him to a farmers' market one weekend and there I met another mom with another baby boy, just a month older than Leo.  Danielle and I quickly became friends and so did our boys, Akai and Leo.  Her husband, Brock, and Eric also became friends and shared life together in a weekly guys' group while Danielle and I had regular play dates.  We cheered Brock on about a year later as he boarded an emergency flight to the US, trying to make it to Danielle in time for the birth of their second son, Ari, who decided to arrive a bit early.  Brock did make it in time, with an epic story to tell of a trans-Atlantic Skype session on the plane while his wife was in labor.  Thank God for in-flight Wifi!

The whole Kreitzberg family have become friends with our whole family and it was sad news to receive when we heard Brock would take a new job stateside and they would soon leave Uganda.  I was honored to capture their sweet family before they left us and capture their life here in Uganda, the only home their boys have known.  The Kreitzbergs will be missed by all of us, but we wish them well in this next chapter!

Ora Meyer newborn session

On New Years Eve, I spent the day taking photos of a precious new arrival to our world - little Ora.  She was only 5 weeks old and still pink with new life!  I forgot how little a newborn baby is, compared to my relatively giant 8 month old!

Little Ora was surrounded with love by all her grandparents who came out to Uganda for her arrival, along with her doting parents.