February finds

A few of my favorite finds in the month of February:

Top favorite:
Favorite video: Television titan Shonda Rhimes talks about how playing with her children saved her career.

Favorite article: A fascinating article on how single women have become a formidable political force in America and what that means for our future

Favorite recipe: While being shut in to avoid election chaos, I made a double-batch of this delicious Thai coconut butternut squash soup

Favorite song: I can't stoplistening to The Civil Wars' new album, particularly Dust to Dust

Favorite quote:

From Spirituality and Health Magazine

From Spirituality and Health Magazine

Favorite comedic relief: Thank you, Saturday Night Live, for this gem: The Day Beyonce Turned Black

Favorite new word: invidious - likely to arouse or incur resentment or anger in others.  From Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Favorite product: This ceramic serving platter, made in Uganda by Vision for Africa