The "Greatest Family Reunion Ever"

I’ve heard rumors of the Greatest Family Reunion Ever (GFRE) from the time I married Eric, whose mother is one of twelve children, born of an Irish Catholic family with a grape farm in Fresno, CA.  I was told that this huge family still gets together each year to connect and carry on certain traditions, despite many family members living in different corners of the world.

This year, I had to see for myself what all the talk was about, which is the main reason Eric and I traveled to California.  Over Memorial Day weekend, we arrived in Fresno and I met much of my extended family for the first time and was finally inducted into this very welcoming and very large family.

Two of the main traditions making up the Greatest Family Reunion Ever include a hay ride around the farm and a talent show open for any kind of performance to a very receiving audience.  I quickly learned that the Graham family is a very musical one and the talent show wrapped up with the annual Graham Family Jam.

All in all, it was nice to meet much of the family I had only heard about and attempt to put them into order and categorize who belongs to whom.  I even jumped on stage with a group of other family members who have, at one time or another, been to Africa to perform Toto’s song, “Africa.”

A family of twelve, all with their children and grandchildren, is certain to encompass many different personalities and it’s very impressive that even after the passing of Eric’s grandparents, this entire family still looks forward to getting together each year.