After our time in Albania, we drove over the border to visit the newest European country, Kosovo, and attend an International Leadership Gathering with people from over 100 countries.  There was so much for me to learn about this part of the world.  I had never been to The Balkans and had never taken time to learn much about the Serbia-Kosovo conflict, so it was an opportunity to hear about both the conflict and the healing that this region has gone through in the last few decades.  We heard from several political leaders, met normal citizens who had been affected by the conflict, and visited several different religious, historical, and tourist sites around Kosovo to learn more.

We had the chance to visit Ulpiana, a site currently undergoing an archaeological dig, Gracanica Monastery, which was built in the 14th century, and some beautifully decorated mosques in the capitol, Prishtina; but my favorite visit was to the small and charming town of Prizren, where we were only able to spend about an hour as the sun set.