Lamu town, the Swahili stunner - round 2

It was wonderful to return to Lamu island for the Lamu Yoga Festival and while I loved spending days doing yoga in the village of Shella, I was also looking forward to visiting Old Lamu town once again.  I had visited this unique Swahili town with Eric back in 2010 and I told everyone it was one of my favorite places I had ever traveled.  I was anxious to return.  Would it still hold the charm it held for me while I fell in love skipping around East Africa?

It did.

Lamu town still bustles with life, beauty, and culture.  As I turned the corners of the small streets, memories of that first trip kept coming back to me.  This time, however, we only spent a quick day in town, which meant we acted and were treated much more like tourists.  I even ran across Happy Flower, the captain of the dhow boat that took Eric and I for a sail during our last trip.

Even still, after my second visit, I wish to come back.  And with the reasonably priced tickets from Nairobi, it's more than possible.