Life is a Scavenger Hunt

Life truly is a scavenger hunt.  Treat it this way, and it may bring out the child in you - one that is curious about everything and finds the most simple finds remarkable.  Whether you hunt for good friends, antique goods, or gems from nature, you must always keep your eye out, no matter where life finds you.  Some of the greatest finds reveal themselves in the most unexpected places!


Uganda is a great place to search for unexpected delights.  I'm always scouring the road side shops or glancing around the ground to see what may be right under my nose.  Here are a few of my latest and favorite finds in my never-ending scavenger hunt called life:

I found this stool/sidetable found tucked away and covered in dust in a Congolese man's shop of wood carvings.  Isn't it marvelous?  It now sits in our guestroom reading nook and will be a piece we'll have with us for life.

On the bus ride back from our school in South Sudan, we stopped in Gulu and this woman sold honey to the bus passengers through the windows.  You can't get honey more pure than this - wild and still packaged with the honeycomb!  I bought 2!

I found this fantastic vintage leather camera bag while garage sale-ing with my mom and sister.  I paid a whole dollar for it.  The seeds I've collected from my yard and the turkey feathers are bonus finds.

On a marriage retreat weekend, we took a short bicycle safari and I came across an impala skull.  With considerable skill, I carried it back on my handlebars.  It's now the friend of another impala skull I was given by a lodge owner on a work trip.



The various regions of Uganda have different styles of baskets.  I found this chicken basket on the way home from Masaka and convinced my husband to turn it into a light shade for our porch.

A painted pot, spotted for sale at the humble Undugu Family shop along Entebbe road.  I wanted to buy several, but I controlled myself.  Go visit the very friendly owner, Michael, and pick up your own!


Happy hunting to you in your scavenger hunt of life!