Last month, Eric, Leo and I flew to the Balkans where we spent almost 2 weeks in 4 different countries.  Our first stop was Albania, where some of the alumni from our school in Uganda attends university.  We surprised these students with a visit and learned much more about Nehemiah Gateway - the organization running their university.  We spent only a few days in the country, but NG hosted us well and showed us around Pogredec - a town on Lake Ohrid in the east of the country.

Driving through the expansive mountains of Albania was a treat and I wanted to stop around every turn and photograph the cottages, the farmers, and the places of worship tucked into the green hills.  There were eye-catching poppies dotting the fields the whole way and other flowers bursting out of apartment windows and front porches.  We were only afforded a glimpse of Albania, but it's clear there is much more to appreciate in this small country and I would, in a heartbeat, take a chance to return.