A Photographic Ode to the Boda Boda

There are so many defining characteristics about Uganda, but one of the more quirky and unique elements of this great country is presence of the great boda boda.  These motorcycles-turned-taxis/uhauls swarm the cities and can be found in the deepest of villages.  Their drivers are known to have  eclectic fashion and to be a little over-persistent in attempting to get your business.  They may not be the safest transportation option, but bodas sure are handy when you're stuck in traffic or you need to cheaply move something from point A to point B.  Whether you love them or hate them, there is no doubt bodas will give you a good laugh when you spot one of their ridiculous loads putting down the road.

I've put together quite the collection of photos of over the years, documenting these absurdities.  One day the boda will be highly regulated and we will look back at these photos in nostalgia (or will we?)  So here it is - my photographic ode to the boda boda.

We go?

The common boda boda:

The stick shift boda:

The furniture carriers:

desk on a boda

Those that carry animals, both dead...

...and alive.

The ones with Very Big Loads:

Those used to commute to school...

...or work:

Those who laugh in the face of wind resistance:


The ones with impeccable balance:


The boda who will make some kids very happy:

The under-appreciated bicycle boda:

And finally, a couple of my own bodadventures:

What are some of your favorite boda moments or what are some of the craziest things you've spotted on the back of a boda?

Please keep in mind that all of these photos are copyrighted to Dani Walker Kreutter and it is illegal to reproduce them in any way without my permission.  Thank you.