Making Maple Syrup

While in Vermont, I loved that everyone seemed to know how to make their own maple syrup, so I was inspired to call up my neighbors, Doug and Corinne, once I reached Indiana and see for myself how it was done.

Doug and Corinne have been making maple syrup for decades, but I never took the time to ask what it takes.  They graciously took me back to their trees and their charming sugar shack, steamy with boiling sap straight from the trees and smelling incredible!

Chatting with neighbors in a shack in the woods while making a food product straight from the natural source was right up my alley.  They showed me the whole process, from the tap to the jug, and I even walked away with a souvenir.

Is there someone in your area who grows or makes their own food?  Ever think about calling them up to learn about the process?

Cultural Creatives

Paul Ray says Cultural Creatives value relationality and interdependence, which he says can create a new world culture to respond to the needs of all people, not just those from wealthy and powerful countries.  We are interested in alternative health care, spiritual growth, and the importance of the inner life, but rather than being self-centered, "CCs" spend their a lot of time in service projects to help rebuild communities.

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