Our next big adventure...

My husband, Eric, and I have taken several adventures together - from the traveling the Middle East, all throughout East Africa, and across America, exploring this world lets us also explore ourselves.  And next year, we have another huge adventure planned - one very different from setting off to a far-away place.  It is one of the most common, but life-transforming journeys of all time, so we've been told...

Next April, we're going to have a baby!

Remember that trip we took to Congo earlier this year?  Well, we spent one night in Rwanda before crossing the border into Congo and that night we found out the news for ourselves.  I felt blessed to have a week apart from my every day life, disconnected from the digital world, and relaxing amidst the stunning Congolese scenery.  It gave me a chance to process this big news, to reflect on what this new life will mean to me, to us, and what intention I wanted to take into the next 9 months.

The Journey of Birth is one of going deep within oneself, trusting the inner process, surrender (doing nothing), transformation, and bringing forth life from the temple of one’s own self.”
— Baraka Bethany Elihu,

I came back to Kampala knowing that not only was a new physical life gestating inside me that I'll soon give birth to, but a new identity for me as well - that of a mother.  Since that time, I've had a strong desire to wrap up in a cocoon and let this newness develop.  I've wanted to withdraw inward and start to carve away all that is unnecessary in my life.  It's been a great time to reflect on what is truly important and to make steps to keep those things close to me while peeling off what is redundant and not needed.

I have craved solitude and easiness of life.  Of course, the many physical changes have made me very tired and hungry, so I've just craved the time to give myself what my body wants - rest and nourishment.  I haven't exactly kept this promise of inward retreat to myself like I thought I would. The last few months have been very busy and I haven't had the time and space to wrap up in my desired cocoon, but the intention is still there, which is a big reason I needed my Weekend of Solitude - so I could come back to that hope.

A little tadpole - our 7 week ultrasound

12 week ultrasound

So, here we go!  We have this new, exciting adventure looming in front of us and there is so much to think about, to plan for, to contemplate.  There are things to learn and fears to face, but I anxiously await it all and I can't wait to take Toto* on our many adventures to come!



*Toto means "baby" in Swahili, a name we've decided to call the baby until the arrival, since it's much more affectionate than, "it"!