Wild Freedom

What is it to be free?  To be wild, natural, untamed, unharnessed?  

It speaks to me - freedom.  My soul calls out to it in the dark when I cannot see it.  

My spirit sees the Truth in Freedom and wants to harness it, but knows that the capture of the wild, the bridling of freedom is defeat in purpose.  Freedom cannot be had.  For in having is taming.  

Wild must be felt.  Freedom must be lived.  Natural must be and do.  

For attainment is loss.  It is the domestication of the natural - the first step in killing the very thing we are trying to nurture.  For freedom to thrive, we must live within her, not she within us.  For the wild to be found and known, we must release ourselves to her, relinquish the full, unharnessed energy from within and throw it to her, but never drawing her to ourselves, which is certain death for both.