Words I'm Contemplating

Reality – My fears are not reality.  Social media and photos in dreamy lighting are not reality. The drama I make up in my head isn’t reality.  Reality is now. Reality is getting up and living life - physically putting my hands into the Earth’s soil, savoring every sip of my latte, listening deeply to someone who is speaking to me.  I want to live more in reality, more in the now.

Giving and receiving – Every hour of the day I close off in one way or another.  I close my heart to others because I’m busy or I’m scared or I have something I don’t want to reveal.  I’ve been meditating on openness, on choosing to open myself to giving what I didn’t think I could give and receiving with grace whatever comes to me.  I want to let life flow through me more and more without clinging to some things and pushing away others.

Abundance, sufficiency, scarcity – I’ve been challenged by a class I’m taking in Conscious Social Change to consider what these words mean to me and how I approach the resources at my disposal.  When do I feel a sense of abundance?  Where does my sense of scarcity come from?  Is this based in reality?  To me, abundance is tied to the ability to dream.

Healing – I’m finding that healing is so multi-faceted - it is not just on one level, but on so many.  Wounds in one area affect all areas.  To truly heal, we must face our bodies, our fears, our identities, our emotions, our beliefs, our habits.  To heal, we must not ignore the wounds and pain, but approach them with tenderness and curiosity.

Peace – Peace is a word always on my mind.  It’s a word around which I plan to revolve my life.  It started with the world and now it’s become about me.  I see the world in myself and I see my inner conflicts played out in the world.  How can I attempt to make peace out there when I have so much work to do in here?