A month across America

Friends. West coast road trip. Family reunion. More friends. Cross-country train ride. More friends. Fly to visit partners. Fun meetings. Fly home. Family. Home. New niece. Train to the East coast. Wedding and lots of friends. Back to Uganda.  One month.

Beaches. San Diego. LA. Big Sur. Sequoias. Redwoods. Portland. Glacier National Park. Minneapolis. Boston and Kansas City. Indiana. Washington, DC. Quaint Virginia.  One month.

Planes. Cars. Trains. One month.

Couches. Beds. Floors. Seats. One month.

John. Kenzie. Vera. Mark. Laura. Brooke. Lisa. John. Carrie. Linda. Jess. Hundreds of Grahams. Courtney. Brent. Chris. Chelsea. Shoshon. Tina. Kelsey. Justin. Kent. Ben. Liz. Mike. Melissa. Wendy. Phil. Julie. Marcia. Doug. Tony. Lisa. Whit. Melissa. Gretchen. Heidi. Emily. Deb. Mom. Dad. Jamie. Kevin. Jake. Jennifer. Morgan. Mason. Ryan. New baby niece. Jaime. Amber. Amanda. Gautier. Lauren. Lindsey. Genevieve. Lisa. Marilyn. Mary.  Tine. So many others. One month.

And of all the things to do before we leave, I stayed up late to make a color-coded map.

The fun begins on Sunday!

Blue: driving. Purple: train. Red: Eric's flights. Green: Dani's flights.