Images of Jordan

One year ago today, I was overlooking the Dead Sea from the shores of Jordan, preparing to return to my life in Uganda after a month away. 

Although I came to Jordan with no agenda, so much happened in that month: I deepened some treasured relationships and navigated other difficult ones.  I gained perspective on transitions happening in my own life, and I wrestled with how to be a white, Western woman in another new culture. I tried my best to learn about the region's political and cultural dynamics, and I saw a bit more of the beauty that part of the world has to offer.

While I look back and honor all the lessons learned and continue to put my experiences into perspective, allow me to tempt you into making your own trip to this marvelous country with a collection of photos I took during my two trips in 2011 and 2013.


Wadi Rum

A swimmer floating in the Dead Sea

A rug weaver


The treasury at Petra



Atop the hills of Petra.


Handwoven rugs


A shepherd and his flock

The Roman coliseum in Amman

camels in the desert

Olive grove

Wadi Rum

The ancient city of Jerash


Village of Dana

Tea in the desert

Tea with the Bedouins in Wadi Rum

The Red Sea at Aqaba

The Dead Sea

A boy and his horse