January finds

A few of my favorite finds in the month of January:

Top favorite: Spending 2 weeks with 12 promising young women from different tribes around Uganda, all of whom have designed ventures for social change + personal transformation and will be carrying out these ventures in their villages while they await entrance into university.  Check out Global Grassroots to learn more

Favorite video: I pretty much cried my eyes out for this very special father-daughter dance.

Favorite article: In perhaps one of the best practical articles about current political discourse, a woman went to a Trump rally in her hijab and calls for us all to reach out and understand one another. 

Favorite recipe: Banana oat pancakes with some Indiana maple syrup on top.  YUM.

Favorite song: Continuing with my love for Celtic music, I downloaded Casadh an Tsúgáin from the soundtrack of the movie Brooklyn.

Favorite quote:

Beauty calls us beyond ourselves and it encourages us to engage the dream that dwells in the soul.
— Jon O'Donohue

Favorite comedic relief: Stephen Colbert's 2016 Top Tremendous All-You-Can-Trump Luxury Presidential Debate

Favorite new word: Propitious - giving or indicating a good chance of success; favorable.  From Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

Favorite product: This Turkish tea towel, snagged at Good Glass, pairs quite perfectly with this Ethiopian coffee pot brought to me by 2 friends who had pity on me for missing out on their trip to northern Ethiopia.