Love and Lamu - looking back

I just booked a ticket to one of my favorite places I've ever traveled.

I first went to the island of Lamu, Kenya in 2010 over Christmas, with Eric.  We had recently started dating and we were young and in love (aren't we still?).  He was my guide, showing me around East Africa, and we both had the same haircut.

I don't know if I loved Lamu so much because it was the first time I had seen the beauty of Arabic architecture mixed with ancient traditions or because it truly is a unique place in our world.  Either way, while I fell in love with Eric, the trip also made me fall in love with the Swahili coast.  And now I'm going back, over 5 years later.  This time, I return with my baby boy, the newest love of my life, and I'll join the Lamu Yoga Festival.  I can't wait.