July reads

A few great reads I came across in the month of July:

The mystery of peace is located in the nature of relationships developed with those most feared.
— John Paul Lederach

I'm currently reading a book called The Moral Imagination about "the art and soul of peace."  The author, a man who has worked to build peace all around the world, talks about the importance of relationships, authenticity, creativity, and knowing we are connected when it comes to establishing peace in places of violence.  I find it incredibly inspiring.

Because you won't hear about this on the news, here is a beautiful moment in the wake of the tragic Chatanooga shooting.

I work with young women aspiring to be leaders in their own contexts and often find it is the most personal, deeply entrenched issues that hold them back from their dreams.  This was a nice read, encompassing how we can naively prevent our daughters (and it mentions a thing or two about sons) from living into who they can truly be. Are You Holding Your own Daughter Back? 5 Ways to Raise Girls to be Leaders

Should universities go beyond academics and also teach us How to Live Wisely? Harvard thinks so.