My Hoosier Home

There is a cheesy country song that gives me goosebumps every time I hear it, bringing a surge of homesickness while I sing along with the words:

"The trucks a ford and the tractor's green
And amazing grace is what we sing
Where there's a county fair every fall
And your friends are there no matter when you call
It may not sound like much but its where I'm from"

A view of home from the top of the grain bins

Finally, after a few weeks of traveling all over the U.S., we arrived at home in Indiana where we could rest, eat plenty of comfort food, and revel in being with the family I don't see nearly enough.

When I tell people I'm from a farm in Indiana, they often assume there is little to do and it's quite boring.  Yes, we have corn fields instead of beaches and there are diners and truck stops rather than vegan and gluten-free specialty restaurants, but there's also plenty of charm to appreciate in the smallness of a place like Waterloo, and there is plenty to keep you occupied on our farm and in the surrounding area.  Although I maintain there is plenty to do in our area, by this time Eric and I were tired of doing and were looking forward to just being with my family.

While we were home, we soaked up time with my parents, my brother's and sister's families, and my grandparents.  I met my 3-week old niece, Leann, and played as much as I could with my other nieces and nephews.  The time we have with them will never be enough, but I left filled with gratitude for my family and for a place I will always be able to call home.  My family has been farming in our county since the mid-1800's and I will always feel so deeply rooted to this place no matter where I live.  Change happens slowly in small towns, but when you need a comfortable place to call home, you'll always be grateful for the familiarity and love it brings.

Mom, finishing up her quilt for baby Leann

A picture of Eric and I atop the grain bins, taken by my brother's drone

Mason and Dad on a 4-wheeler ride


All the grandkids


Ryan - the boy who really runs the farm

Baby Leann

Mason and Morgan

Grandma and me, watching Frozen with Morgan and her teddy bears

Photo by Eric Kreutter

Jake showing Eric how to fly his drone

A woman reads a biography at Waterloo's cemetery walk

Mason playing in a puddle

Jake giving Ryan his first 4-wheeler riding lesson

Mason and Morgan

Jake and Ryan


Morgan watching the baby robins from her playhouse window





Morgan on her tire swing

Morgan opening her birthday gifts

The whole Walker family

Photo by Jodie Szablowski

The Walker family

Photo by Jodie Szablowski

The Cates family

Photo by Jodie Szablowski

Me and Eric - the Kreutters

Photo by Jodie Szablowski