Quaint Virginia and a Parisian Chic Wedding

Within a month, Eric and I had driven from San Diego to Portland, stopping for a family reunion along the way, taken the train across America to Minneapolis, and spent precious time with my family in Indiana; but we had one last stop in America before flying back to our home in Uganda.  We boarded the train, once again, with our four 50-pound bags of luggage and 2 overstuffed carry-ons, arrived in Washington, DC 14 hours later, hopped in a car, and pointed ourselves toward Leesburg, Virginia. 

Leesburg is a quaint, historical town where we met people from all over the world who had come to celebrate the marriage of two lovely souls - Amanda and Gautier.

Eric, waiting for the train will all our luggage

Rural Virginia

A female cardinal

Leesburg, Virginia

American flag in a historical house downtown Leesburg

Amanda, from Arkansas and Gautier, from France, found each other through a community of friends in Washington, DC.  There is nothing quite like the coming together of people from two different cultures; unison and joy within a world of division is a beautiful, powerful force to be celebrated, and so we did - in style!  Les femmes wore a variety of fun hats and facinators while les hommes donned ascots and colored pants, and suits with tails - all in the name of Parisian chic fashion. 

After the very moving ceremony, we danced into the night full of delicious food, bread, cheese and some splendid French wine.  It was one of the most special and most fun weddings I've attended and I left the venue so thankful to be part of an amazing community of friends such as these from around the world.

C'été magnifique!

Amanda and Gautier, at their rehearsal dinner

Guitar player before the wedding

Amanda and her father

The stunning bride

Eric and I, looking tres chic

Great friends and our great hats!

Photo credit: Zion Springs Bed and Breakfast

Goooooood French wine