The Most Elusive Journey

But the pursuit of truth is an elusive journey with no destination. It is a light that cannot be held and will always shine in front of you on your path, begging for you to take hold of it and raise it up for all to see.  But when you reach out your hand, it flits forward two more steps.  And no one in this world will ever see the end of that path.  It is only a long, exhausting, never-ending path with a million hills and swamps and hardships.

So should we stop?  Do we simply step off the path and build ourselves a comfortable house, happy with the truth we've found at this point?  Even when we know that the next bit of truth is so near?

Truth is an addictive game and a wrenching pursuit.  But to remain stagnant is a horrible alternative.  To ignore what could be known is unacceptable.

So shall I continue?  Even if it means leaving others down the path?  I will.  But maybe I should stop sprinting.  Maybe I should even rest along the way.

Will there be a day when Truth is revealed?  I can think of no better heaven.