The Whirlwind

We said we would stay in the US for a month after the baby came, thinking that would give us plenty of time; but here we are, packing our bags, with just a handful of days left before we fly home and I'm in awe it's that time already.  Wasn't Leo was just born?

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind, a roller coaster, a dizzying swirl of emotions, recovery, logistics, and preparations for returning to our lives in Uganda.  The days and nights have blurred together.  I've sobbed at the hardships of breastfeeding and wept at the beauty of it.  I've faced the highs and lows that come with postpartum and learned what feels like a million life lessons.  Suddenly Leo has gained a full pound and he's changed so much since he was born!  I already want to tell him to stop growing up, to remain my little peanut forever.

Life moves on and we must, too.  That date on our plane tickets is edging closer and the transition back to our life in Uganda is unavoidable.  The biggest lesson of it all might be to revel in each moment and soak it all in - the hard and the beautiful - or else this whirlwind might just take me over.

*I'm absolutely in love with these photos of Leo and our family by Ashley Sommer Photography.  Enjoy!*